epa simpsonsThe owner of the Gold King Mine, which was purchased as a claim with no intention to mine, now says the EPA intentionally caused the August blowout with the sole purpose of declaring the area a Superfund.

By the way, the EPA is once again campaigning to name Silverton as a Superfund.


Todd Hennis says no.

“The EPA planned on creating a Superfund in Silverton for a long time, but was met with local resistance,” he said. “This blowout fit very conveniently into their time frame. They’ve told a fairy tale regarding the circumstance of the spill.”

Hennis doesn’t mince words in this Durango Herald article, in which he calls the EPA a rapist for it’s actions, a thief for trying to steal his property afterwards, and Nazis.

It doesn’t bode well for the EPA that they’re now trying to blame the state for the mishap, insisting that Colorado signed off on the work that led to the massive orange plume of water that flowed down the Animas River.

Colorado’s response to that: Oh, Hell no.

But, we’re not ready to commit to the theory that the spill was purposefully engineered by the EPA in order to create a new Superfund, because honestly, we don’t believe the federal agency is competent enough to have pulled that off.