Yesterday’s press conference, strangely hosted by everyone but Planned Parenthood to discuss Planned Parenthood, was a failure not just because only four people showed up to support the effort, but also because the media eviscerated ProgressNow Colorado’s Amy Runyon Harms.

To set the stage, Runyon Harms and other far lefties held this press conference to “hold Republicans accountable” for a madman’s senseless act of violence in the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting. The reason Republicans were to be held accountable was because of so-called “hate speech”.

Perhaps the left has forgotten its own “hate speech” about those with whom they disagree.

When the media showed up at this press conference, they were greeted with signs decrying a “war on women” from ProgressNow, Inc.

That’s when things turned ugly. Just watch the video. Note how physically uncomfortable Runyon Harms looks when grilled by KOA‘s Jerry Bell.


Megan Verlee (CPR): How do you respond to the charges that this is politicizing this event? That this is using a tragedy to make a point that you would have already wanted to make anyway?

Runyon Harms: I don’t agree with that at all. I’m simply here to deliver the message that words matter. I’m not attempting to politicize this. As you pointed out earlier, there are actions and words from the left that also are not okay. The message is simple – that words matter, that over-the-top rhetoric is not okay, and especially when you’re promoting things that have been debunked or disproven in other places, you shouldn’t be repeating them.

Bell: What about the phrase on the sign here referencing a war on women? That’s a pretty loaded word, too.

Runyon Harms: [unintelligible]…hundreds of restrictions to abortion access…. Sort of.

Bell: Well, what’s to say that the one person out there who hears that and thinks there’s a war and that they need to be a hero in fighting against it and doing something terrible?

Runyon Harms: Ummm, that’s not a phrase I use typically; however, when you look at the increasing number of attacks on women, women’s health, and, then, look at what happened down in Colorado Springs at a Planned Parenthood facility, there truly are attacks on women that are happening, but I don’t know that anyone would construe that to mean it’s a literal war on women. (the Peak emphasis)

Bell: Well, maybe the people that made some of the comments that you’re referencing didn’t think someone would do that either.

Runyon Harms: It’s possible. My message here today is that words matter and we need to be careful about what we say.

In the exchange, Runyon Harms claims that she doesn’t typically use the term “war on women”. Unfortunately, there were people carrying signs that read “Stop the War on Women” – at the press conference that her organization planned. And, even worse are all the Google results in which she appears with the term War on Women from all the times that she’s invoked that phrase in the media. See the picture below.

Amy Runyon Harms - War on Women

If Runyon Harms wants to stop the “hate speech”, she could always try leading by example. But, that wouldn’t help elect the politicians she supports.