Hillary Rodham ClintonU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is one of eight Senate candidates and the only incumbent being targeted by American Rising because of their support for Hillary Clinton and her position to move Gitmo terrorists to the U.S.

Hillary’s support was exposed in a secret memo publicized last week in by the Huffington Post. Hillary urged Obama to step up the transfer, and to go around Congress and it’s pesky law prohibiting him to do so.

Now the PAC is making sure states where candidates have wobbled on the issue know that their Democratic contenders stand with Hillary.

 The Democrats’ lone incumbent, Colorado’s Michael Bennet, is likely breathing a sigh of relief that he was a no-show during Clinton’s visit to the state last week. With Colorado a likely destination for detainees, Bennet claims to oppose transfers to the U.S. However, his record includes multiple votes to enable the transfers and he has called closing the base “the right thing to do.”

Bennet is already taking so much heat in Colorado for his support of the Gitmo move, that he hasn’t shown his face here in weeks for fear he might have to answer where he stands on allowing Syrian refugees to move in next door to the Gitmo terrorists.

Thanks for the head’s up though, we’ll take it from here.