epaAfter a week of heart-breaking news, we’re giving PeakNation™ a break this morning and bringing to your attention this fluffy story lede submitted by our favorite environmental reporter, Bruce Finley.

Officials with the Environmental Protection Agency said Thursday they are looking forward to talks with Silverton and San Juan County officials about a possible Superfund designation to spur cleanup of leaking inactive mines contaminating Animas River headwaters.

Our news judgment may be askew this morning because we’re still on our first cup of coffee, but is it really new that the EPA is looking forward to creating a Superfund designation of Silverton?

Could have sworn we’re been writing that for months.

Finley goes on to report that locals only want the upper Cement Creek area considered for the designation, not the whole freaking county.

Again, duh.

But buried down at the bottom of his story, we find this nugget:

The EPA declined Thursday to address the scope of a possible Superfund cleanup.

Eureka! There’s the news!

Now that the EPA officially has their big government boot inside San Juan County’s door, we predict they will snatch up as much land as possible for their new Superfund fiefdom.