Garrett SwaseyWith all of the politicization of the Colorado Springs shooting, some Coloradans may have missed the opportunity to learn about a true hero from that day. Officer Garrett Swasey was a father, husband, pastor, and former ice dancer (who knew cops could ice dance?). According to reports, because he was a campus police officer, he was not required to respond to the Planned Parenthood location, but he did because it was the right thing to do.

Officer Swasey was killed trying to save the lives of others, regardless of their political ideology because that was his duty and it was his calling. In a time when both sides of the political spectrum point fingers and try to vilify the other, Swasey recognized the value in all human life. In his service, he truly embodied the character of a pro-life world view.

Yesterday he was laid to rest amid hundreds of his fellow first responders from across the country. Swasey’s widow perhaps said it best, “the love of my life gave his life without regret to be sure others would live.” His selfless act should unite our state and country.

Our country would do better to focus on the heroes among us, like Officer Swasey, than the issues that divide us.

Our prayers are with Officer Swasey’s family and friends. You may donate to help his family at this YouCaring site.