Michael BennetOnce again, embattled Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has shown more concern for special interests than Colorado working families.  This time, Bennet caved to the extreme environmental lobby looking to force expensive “clean power” regulations on electric power plants.  This would effectively replace inexpensive energy with more costly, “green” options with questionable effectiveness.

Hardest hit (besides families that use electricity) will be coal fired plants, which provide Americans with a reliable, low-cost base load of power that can run continuously.  The research group Energy Ventures Analysis estimated that the EPA rule would result in shut down of 40% of the nation’s coal plants, causing residential electricity prices to rise substantially.  Another report published this month outlined “high cost and minimal benefits” for Bennet’s Clean Power Plan, and forecasted double digit electricity price increases in 40 states, and increases greater than 20% in 28 states.

Even though most Coloradans probably view this as a bad deal, it just so happens that some narrow special interests are so impressed with Bennet’s support of this expensive and reckless mandate that they produced a commercial thanking him.  Conservation Colorado, a well-funded campaign outfit nonprofit, apparently thinks that this material out there will somehow help Senator Bennet win favor with Colorado voters, already stretched thin with high healthcare, tax, food, and housing costs.

While times may be good for Bennet and the government class, most families trying to make a living in the private sector are not enjoying regular pay increases, Cadillac health plans, and pensions that would require well more than $1 million in savings to replicate.  And even with  new light bulbs we all are now required to buy, double-digit electricity price hikes for dubious political purposes is the last thing that working families need to be pouring their hard earned dollars into.

But, at least we know whose side Senator Bennet is on. Thank you, Conservation Colorado.