mike_rosen_headshot850KOA’s Mike Rosen is stepping down from his post as mid-day talk show host, according to a statement earlier today. 630KHOW A.M. drive time host Mandy Connell will take his spot. Rosen has been with 850KOA for 30 years, and in radio for 35 years. Here is his statement from earlier today:

“Doing my brand of radio, with 24/7 research and show prep, takes a work week of more than 60 hours. After 35 years on-air, I’ve decided to give myself a little more well-earned leisure time as I pass my 71st birthday. I’ve been with KOA for almost 30 years and have loved every minute of it. It’s a wonderful station with a glorious history and a great team of people. I couldn’t bring myself to just walk away from it, and a full-fledged retirement wouldn’t quote suit a Type-A guy like me. So, I’m delighted to still have a presence with KOA as a part-time on-air contributor. While this may disappoint my long-time loyal listeners, to whom I’m eternally grateful, I hope they will find a little of Mike Rosen at least better than none at all. I’m passing the baton to Mandy Connell in the midday time slot, who’s done a great job on KHOW in the morning. You’ll like her.”

We already love Mandy Connell and are excited for her to pick up where Rosen leaves off. But, we will miss Rosen, and wish him well in actually enjoying his life. He certainly has earned a little R&R.