courtroomYesterday, the psycho who shot three people in or near a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs appeared in court yesterday. Throughout his appearance, he had several outbursts, including one in which he said, “I am a warrior for the babies”.

His other outbursts were equally nonsensical, but this one struck us as just insane.

If this scum of the earth was really a “warrior for the babies” theoretically espousing pro-life values, he would never have committed this heinous act of violence.  At the core of the pro-life movement is a deep respect and understanding of the value of life and of the individual. Anyone who legitimately embraced this world view could never have committed these crimes.

It’s clear from his random outbursts throughout his hearing that the shooter has some mental deficiencies.  Regardless, we have a message for him – “Get Out. You’re not part of the pro-life movement when you take another life. Period. Killing people in the name of ‘saving’ babies is still taking a life. It’s wrong. It’s amoral. It’s disgusting.”

We hope he rots in jail.