MikeKingReports of Mike King’s demise as head of Colorado’s Department of Natural Resources have been somewhat exaggerated.

It’s true that he’s leaving that post and going to work for Denver Water, but the reasons for his departure suggested in an AP report missed the mark.

(AP) – Colorado’s top environmental official is stepping down, months after he clashed with federal authorities over a massive spill of toxic wastewater from an inactive mine in southwest Colorado.

The EPA is to blame for many things, but this isn’t one on them.

King has made no secret of the fact that he’s been looking for a year now to get out of state government, so mark us down as not surprised.

If he was looking to get away from the EPA, going into the water bizness would be the last place to go for that.

We wish him the best, and will always remember him fondly for pushing back against the EPA when they tried to blame the state for the mess the feds created.