New Belgium logoThe folks at New Belgium Brewing must be imbibing too much of their product, it’s making them forgetful of what happens when their support of far-left politics collides with Coloradans and their jobs.

The brewery has been boycotted since early summer for funding the same environmental group that sued to close the Colowyo Mine and kill the jobs of more than 200 folks living in Northwest Colorado.

New Belgium folks held a town meeting in Craig trying to convince the community they really didn’t mean it – it was a fruitless effort to call off the boycott.

Now the brewery has teamed up with Ben & Jerry’s to contribute $100,000 to the California group “Protect Our Winters” to ostensibly defeat climate change.

 … the campaign encouraged people to generate letters of support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. More than 2,200 letters were sent to governors across the nation, voicing support for the initiative to reduce carbon emissions from the nation’s energy grid.

For those of you just joining the EPA’s Clean Power Plan in progress, it’s a backdoor effort to regulate coal mines out of business, and take Colorado jobs with it.

We look forward to New Belgium’s next beer summit, when they try to convince us they really didn’t mean to partner up with Left Coast liberals to shut down our mining industry, again.

We’ll be sure to bring our own beer, and it’ won’t be New Belgium.