One way or the other, President Obama is determined to clear out terrorist detainees from the Guantanamo Bay prison, whether it’s illegally transferring them to Colorado or turning them loose to attack us, again.

CNN reported this week that the Obama administration has already approved the transfer of 17 detainees to an undisclosed terrorist nation country, which will occur in January.

That’s in addition to this:

(Warning! Dropping jaws can shatter cell phone screens.)

President Barack Obama says the prison — which holds suspected members of terrorist groups captured overseas — is a recruiting tool for terrorists and is too costly to maintain. During his presidency, the number of detainees has dwindled from 241 to 107, and he said last month he expected that number to get below 100 by early next year. But he has hit roadblock after roadblock — most often placed by Capitol Hill — in his effort to clear out the prison.

Here’s that little roadblock to which Obama was referring.

“The President’s rush to empty the cells at Guantanamo recklessly endangers our national interests abroad and our safety here at home,” Gardner said in another tweet.

Obama has learned nothing from the recent terrorist attacks in California and Paris.

If he keeps this up, it looks like there won’t be any terrorists left in Gitmo to transfer to Colorado prisons. But it doesn’t bode well that they will be free to travel here on their own.