scroogeLast week we told you about the war on Christmas waged by the unholy bureaucrats at the Bureau of Land Management who refused to extend their comment period on the cancellation of 18 gas leases in the White River National Forest well beyond the holiday season.

The feds Grinch-like behavior has now come to the attention of Colorado’s GOP delegation, who are demanding that the agency give us a break and extend the Jan. 8 deadline, reports the Daily Sentinel.

Reviewing documents related to the National Environmental Policy Act “is a laborious, time-consuming process” that ought to justify additional response time, says the letter, which is signed by reps. Ken Buck, Mike Coffman and Doug Lamborn in addition to (Scott) Tipton. U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., also wrote to the agency in support of additional time.

Garfield and Pitkin Counties have already filed their comments with the agency endorsing the cancellations, because it takes zero research or soul searching for liberals to oppose anything that has to do with providing electricity, heat, or gasoline to keep civilization civilized.

For those who would like to actually study the bureaucratic mess and offer alternatives, it requires actual thought.

So stop being such a Scrooge, ye olde pencil pushers. Let folks spend the holidays with their families and friends, and grant the extension.