We don’t mean to harsh on everyone’s mellow, but it has come to our attention that capitalist pothead pigs are gobbling up energy use to grow the green here in Colorado.

It’s a mean case of the munchies too, according to Bloomberg News.

In Colorado, potrepreneurs make up half of the demand for new power. Growing sites consumed 35,000 households worth of power last year alone.

Dude, that’s like the size of a city or something somewhere!

 … The facilities in the 23 states where marijuana is legal are responsible for greenhouse-gas emissions almost equal to those of every car, home and business in New Hampshire.

In Boulder County, Colorado, commissioners levied an energy-usage fee on such facilities after discovering that a 5,000-square-foot operation consumed 29,000 kilowatt hours a month, about five times more than a typical commercial use, said Ron Flax, the county’s sustainability examiner. Such operations send about 30,334 pounds of carbon dioxide per month to the atmosphere, county statistics show.

While Boulder is taxing the marijuana industry, Bloomberg says that growing pot is taxing the electricity grid nationwide, and described it as “the nation’s most power-hungry industry.”

Don’t trip out hemp nation, but it gets even worse: the energy being used to grow pot is coming from the sun coal!

“Consumers seeking a green lifestyle are likely unaware that their cannabis use could cancel out their otherwise low-carbon footprint,” Evan Mills, a senior scientist for California’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, wrote in an e-mail.

Someone call Godzilla, we found his carbon footprint.