JCEA Victory EmailLikely because their gooses were already cooked with yesterday’s report from Complete Colorado that showed the National Education Association donated $150,000 to the Jeffco School Board effort, Jeffco United today handed over the names of its donors to the Secretary of State’s office. A judge also compelled the organization to reveal the name of its donors earlier this month, but some expected that the secretive, dark money group ironically running on transparency would appeal the decision. The revelation that the teachers union was behind this the whole time likely made pointless any appeal.

According to Chalkbeat, the Colorado Education Association gave the first donation of $25,000 in May, and $113,000 in total, to bring union donations to $265,000 in total to the effort.

Hilariously, our own Jeffco Bob, Lynea Hansen, who served as both spokesperson for the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA), aka teachers union, and the recall effort, told Chalkbeat:

“Lynea Hansen, spokeswoman for Jeffco United, said it would be a mistake to say the recall was ‘union-led.'”

In case, Peak Nation, you’ve forgotten who we are referring to, Baghdad Bob was an Iraqi who denied an American invasion even as tanks rolled into Baghdad. We have news for you, Jeffco Bob, this was union led. It was union planned, union executed, and union funded. For your own credibility’s sake, just admit that you perpetrated a huge fraud on the Jeffco community, take credit, and move on.

What can we say, we’re feeling extra generous with advice since Christmas is coming tomorrow.