When 9News asserted before the election that the recall of three Jeffco School Board members was funded by the union, the pro-recall campaign freaked out.  According to a tweet below by 9News‘ Kyle Clark, the recall supporters even went so far as to demand that some journalists who had claimed the union was behind the recall be fired. There was only one problem. The journalists were right. According to a 9News report last night, 99.9% of recall funding came from…unions. We’re shocked (not really), but 9News is pissed.  See Clark’s tweet below:

In fact, 9News was so irritated that the station actually held the story until after the Christmas holiday (when people were not paying attention) and aired it last night to give it maximum exposure. Ouch.

The union was so desperate to cling to power in Jefferson County that its supporters demanded that reporters be fired for actually doing their jobs. We are willing to call out the media when journalists don’t do their jobs; however, it’s wrong for the union and its lackeys to demand that reporters be fired for exposing the truth. These are people with families to support, plus threatening media like that is a little too close to communist tactics for comfort.

There’s a saying that you shouldn’t argue with people who buy ink by the barrel, which is another way of saying – don’t pick fights with the media.  Never has this rung more true. Here’s the corollary: never pick a fight with the media when you’re absolutely lying. Wendy McCord and Lynea Hansen, we’re looking at you.