Dave PerryAurora Sentinel editorial writer Dave Perry has never been a thoughtful editorial writer, often simply parroting Democratic talking points. So, it’s not surprising that he would carry the liberal water on gun control, but it is unwise.

Yesterday afternoon, Perry published a piece that bemoaned the “gaping hole in common sense gun control” in 2015 as part of his review of the Holmes trial.  Here is Perry’s rant demanding greater gun control:

“Well, I’ve had enough. I know the NRA, its henchman and stooges hold political guns to the heads and careers of every elected official. But I’m tired of being afraid that my kid won’t come home from classes at the University of Colorado, or that my wife will get gunned down by an armed whack at a Red Rocks concert. Because we let gun whacktivists push around Colorado and Aurora with campaign cash, lies, propaganda and extortion, we have to hold our breath every time we see a news alert.

“It’s time to finish this story. Time to impose reasonable rules and restrictions. Time to take care of mentally ill people before they become active shooters. And time to watch for and report terrorists. Will it end gun violence? Nope. But I’d happily see it whittled down to numbers that look like death and injuries caused by fireworks.”

We all fear that something bad will happen to one of our loved ones, but, the truth is that Colorado has some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country after the 2013 Gun Grab by liberals. And, sadly, that didn’t prevent the shooting in Colorado Springs last month. In fact, the Washington Post begrudgingly revealed that not one of the stricter gun laws proposed by bomb throwers like Hillary Clinton would have done a thing to prevent any of the mass shootings over the last few years.

In fact, just yesterday, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science took a cue from public sentiment and allowed concealed carry on its premises citing the safety of its patrons.

If it’s not guns, terrorists could use bombs like the San Bernardino shooters hoped to do. They were only prevented by their own lack of ability. Or, they could use knives and rocks like in the Middle East. Perry fails to acknowledge the role that mental illness and intent to commit acts of evil in the equation. But, that’s pretty much expected from someone who simply repeats what he gets from liberal causes.