gunPresident Obama is finalizing plans Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to bypass Congress and create new guns laws through executive fiat.

Meanwhile, Boulder DA Stan Garnett says he will crack down on Colorado’s gun laws already on the books and send people to jail who have unpaid traffic tickets and try to buy a gun.

“Background checks are not being enforced as carefully in Boulder County as it should be,” Garnett said. “If somebody knowingly applies for a gun but knows they don’t qualify, that’s a misdemeanor, and I want to make sure we prosecute those cases. People who repeatedly apply for guns even though they aren’t qualified may be particularly dangerous people and just the kind of people we don’t want to get access to firearms.”

The Boulder Camera goes on to actually inform us just who these people are that are trying to buy guns in violation of Colorado law. Rod Brandenburg, owner of Grandpa’s Pawn & Gun in Longmont, says most folks who are rejected for trying to buy a gun aren’t even aware they’re breaking the law.

He says that most of the denials are not for convicts with violent records but people who have warrants in other districts for not appearing on minor things like traffic tickets that genuinely did not realize they couldn’t own a gun.

So, it looks like if you run a red light, get a speeding ticket, or double-park in Boulder, then you’re going to jail for trying to buy a gun.

Obama meanwhile wants to prevent another San Bernardino shooting by requiring everyone who wants to sell a gun online to first get a federal license and conduct background checks.

How would this have prevented the California terrorist attack? It wouldn’t.

All four guns used by the suspects in the deadly San Bernardino shooting have been traced and they were all purchased legally, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed Thursday.

As usual, pesky facts don’t matter when liberals look to crack down on our 2nd Amendment rights, it’s all about appeasing their political base, no matter how many innocent people have to go to jail to achieve their goal.