Building a Better Colorado, the group formed to “fix” all that “ails” Colorado liberals, is making a bold claim. Reeves Brown, executive director of this misguided effort, is telling the world that his polling shows that Coloradans support decimating TABOR, the only thing standing between Democrats and our cash. From the Denver Post article:

“However, the project’s leader said he was surprised at the level of support for removing [TABOR’s] revenue caps, which restrict state budget spending and provide taxpayer refunds in boom years.

“There’s an increasing percentage of the electorate (for which) TABOR is not as sacrosanct as it was to some,” Brown said.”

We would love to see your poll.  Apparently, so would Denver Post reporter John Frank, who requested pretty basic information about who was polled, what they were asked, and how OnSight Public Affairs (or their pollsters) conducted the poll. Here’s how the campaign spokesperson, Curtis Hubbard, former Denver Post editorial page editor and raging liberal, told Frank:

“‘We are not going to run our campaign through The Denver Post,’ said Curtis Hubbard, an organization spokesman, whose firm largely works for Democratic candidates and causes.”

PeakNation™, this is a shocking departure from when Hubbard worked at the Denver Post (and ran puff pieces on every liberal campaign through the Denver Post). Even Frank, who we have admittedly panned in the past, noted that the group’s unwillingness to provide polling data “[puts] the findings into question”. Stop being so shady.

We have said it before and we will say it again, the Building a Better Colorado endeavor is nothing more than liberals trying to radically change the direction of the state and slam the door shut behind them. If liberals really cared about creating a bipartisan effort, they would have enlisted almost any firm except OnSight and Curtis Hubbard, or paired it with a legitimate right-leaning firm. No Republican in their right mind would support these initiatives.