Michael BennetYesterday, as President Obama unveiled his new gun policy, standing by his side were former Colorado State Senators Giron and Morse, who were recalled in 2013 for their massive gun grab during the legislative session that resulted in some of the worst Second Amendment abuses in the country. We’re sure the President’s intent was to support his fallen brethren, but it served as a reminder that Colorado politicians who restrict Second Amendment rights face painful constituent backlash. Even President Bill Clinton acknowledged that the Second Amendment was a thorny issue for candidates and advised against infringing.

That’s why Sen. Bennet’s spokesperson’s response to whether Bennet supported the President’s unconstitutional gun grab was puzzling. He basically implied that the Senator supported the 2013 gun grab. Here’s what Adam Bozzi told the Durango Herald:

“Senator Bennet has voted for the bipartisan Manchin-Toomey bill to require common-sense background checks on most gun sales, like we’ve done here in Colorado,” Bozzi said. “He has also supported efforts to improve the background check system, to prevent criminals and terrorists from purchasing guns, and to increase support for mental health services. The president’s actions today are consistent with these initiatives and Congress still needs to act.”

Because Sen. Bennet mumbles and his Bozzi talks in circles, we’ve translated his answer for you:

“Senator Bennet wants to appear bipartisan. I live in Washington, D.C. and have no clue how unpopular the gun laws in Colorado are, but he supports them anyway. Yes, we support the President’s new regulations. I want Bennet to look like a strong leader by demanding Congress act, but he really won’t do anything because he’s kind of a wimp.”

Given the intensity around this issue and sensitivity of Coloradans to losing their Second Amendment rights, it’s almost like Bennet doesn’t want to win his re-election campaign. Either way, it’s good to know that Bennet has pitted himself against the will of Coloradans. Again.