MorganCarroll smallLiberal candidate for the Sixth Congressional District, state Sen. Morgan Carroll, seems to be completely oblivious to any personal safety concerns that Coloradans have on a wide swath of issues, including closing Gitmo and allowing people to arm themselves. And, she seems to be doubling down on the latter with an email she sent to supporters yesterday:

“With the help of Captain Mark Kelly — husband of Gabby Giffords — I fought hard to propose and eventually pass universal background checks on gun purchases in Colorado…

“The moment to step up and speak louder and bolder about gun safety in our country comes today on the heels of President Obama’s executive action.

“We’ve endured tragedy after tragedy, and we can’t just wave the white flag on gun violence.”

First, remember that Mark Kelly lied about the number of guns he bought in Colorado without a background check. Then, in Arizona, Kelly’s straw man purchase of a gun was canceled by the gun store because he lied about the intent to purchase. Essentially, he’s not the most credible name drop.

But, back to Morgan Carroll.

Standing up for Coloradans’ gun rights is absolutely not waving a white flag on gun violence. It’s simply allowing them to exercise their right to protect themselves and their families. Of course, none of the laws President Obama implemented would have prevented any recent mass shootings, but that’s beside the point.

Then, there is Carroll’s support of importing terrorists from Gitmo. It simply makes Colorado a and rallying place and target for other terrorists. And, finally, who could forget Carroll’s refusal to vote for Jessica’s Law, a mandatory minimum sentencing guideline for child predators that about 45 other states have implemented.

Morgan Carroll consistently sides with criminals over law-abiding Coloradans, and, in Colorado, that’s an unwise move.