obamacareThe guitar-playing rock and roll doctor in charge of the Denver Health Medical Center has been busy slashing staff while spending $170 million on a new computer system, and he’s created a studio for his band to practice on hospital property.

We’re pretty sure the music studio was not part of Obamacare. No word on whether these outrageously expensive computers are the kind that help save lives, or are required to report crazy Obamacare codes back to Washington. Like when a patient is attacked by a red-tailed hawk causing him to fall from a rooftop into a swimming pool filled with piranha with laser beams attached to their tiny fish heads.

The Denver Post reported those big spending ways, and also disclosed that Dr. Arthur Gonzalez has fired 122 nurses and gotten rid of top officials and doctors including the chiefs of medicine and surgery.

 Gonzalez also raised eyebrows at the hospital by setting aside space on campus for his staff band.

But he said it amounts to a 10-foot-square space in a previously vacant room on campus converted to office space, so the band rehearsal area didn’t cost the hospital anything.

The computer system is not operational, and Gonzales defended his firing practices, saying he intends to conduct a nationwide search this year to fill some of the vacancies.

No word yet on what the musical requirements will be in the new job descriptions.