metpage_ark-webDisturbing news this week from environmental doom and gloom writer Bruce Finley at the Denver Post, who reports that Colorado’s glaciers are melting too fast, because climate change, and there’s nothing that can stop it.

That’s according to one study by CU hydrologist Mark Williams of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research:

“Glacier National Park is not going to have glaciers in another couple decades. People are going to be upset about that. We’re in a loop we cannot get out of.”

So that means less water in the near future, which mean we probably need to build some dams to store it, because that would make sense.

But Williams said there’s nothing that can stop the glaciers melting from global warming that has had us under a blanket of snow recently. Which means environmentalists will insist that we spend billions of dollars in a vain attempt to do so, by banning energy development, dams, light bulbs, the sun and tacky yard art.

No word on whether the glacier meltdown will lead to an uptick in terrorism if the Arikaree Glacier stops flowing into the North Boulder Creek.