Democrat leaders in the state House and Senate probably woke up a little embarrassed after reading today’s coverage of the start of the 2016 legislative session. While they focused on gauntlet throwing, name-calling and major disagreements, Republicans were left looking like the only grownups in the room.

Senate President Bill Cadman in particular struck an inspiring note as he highlighted all the bipartisan accomplishments of last year while also honoring the oath of office and the goods intentions shared by everyone who serves under the gold dome.

Speaker Hullinghorst

Speaker Hullinghorst

House Speaker Dickey Lee Hulinghorst, by comparison, called anyone who disagrees with her “ideologues and opportunities” and spirited debates “silly.” She outlined a slew of proposals that would make doing business in Colorado more difficult and promised unicorns and rainbows to anyone who might be naïve enough to believe that government is the answer to all of life’s problems.

When asked about her opening day speech, Rep. Don Coram, of Montrose, told the Grand Junction Sentinel:

“It looks like we’ve started out by drawing lines in the sand, and that’s a little disappointing because it’s a situation where we need to work together and negotiate.”

Given that she is term limited, we would have hoped to see Hullinghorst try to leave a more positive legacy.  But we guess she is more interested in looking like a child than a respectable statesman.