colowyoTurn off the lights, unplug that environmentally friendly car and get out that cell phone solar panel, because America no longer needs electricity.

That seems to be President Obama’s belief, because today he’s announcing a moratorium on all new coal leases on federal land until the government can determine whether coal causes global warming, at which time new mining would be banned permanently.

Allow us to do the math for you: If 40 percent of the coal comes from federal land, most of which occurs in Colorado and other western states, and nearly 40 percent of all electricity plants power with coal, and new coal operations are banned, brownouts begin and prices skyrocket.

Or, the Obama administration will determine that coal operators have to pay more money in fees, in which case prices just skyrocket.

Obama made his decision based on public hearings last year including one in Denver, that were stacked with public comment from environmental group interns chanting “keep it in the ground,” also known as science.

Only seven percent of our electricity comes from renewable power, less than one percent solar, and more than five percent from wind, while 67 percent comes from fossil fuel, which this administration is determined to eliminate.

Here’s what U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton had to say:

“This decision reeks of contempt for rural America and for the most vulnerable Americans who will suffer as electricity prices increase and the reliability in the grid decreases. We will continue to fight to protect Americans from the President’s war on affordable energy.”

The only way to stop this train wreck is to put a Republican in the White House and help keep Congress in the GOP hands by voting out U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.