Jeffco Public SchoolsComplete Colorado uncovered damning evidence that the Jeffco recall did not cost nothing as previously claimed by recall proponents, but actually cost the Jeffco School District approximately $225,000. This finding comes on the heels of a march by 160 superintendents, including Jeffco Superintendent Dan McMinimee, on the State Capitol to ask the state for more money for their districts.

Maybe Jeffco School District should ask its teachers union, which paid for the recall, for the money back.

According to Complete Colorado, the money used for the recall could have gone into classrooms:

“Both Jefferson County schools and the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder’s Office confirmed through Colorado Open Records Act requests that money that could have gone to school supplies, buses, technology or any other student-focused area was spent on the recall instead.”

Of course, the same folks who lied when saying this recall wasn’t about unions said that it would be free. In fact, here is what recall leader Wendy McCord said about it:

“We have been told there will not be additional costs for the recall if we are on the November ballot with the existing school board election,” Wendy McCord told Complete Colorado last July in a statement through the group’s media contact, Lynea Hansen.

When will Wendy McCord apologize to the Jefferson County community for her rampant lies? And, will the union reimburse the school district for the $225,000?