$_1Forget fracking, set aside the guns, the hot button issue for the legislature this session is hot pink.

The color has already inflamed liberal sensitivities on the Western Slope, where the Daily Sentinel reports that one of the 100 bills introduced so far would allow the color to be worn in the woods.

… some of the measures are new ideas, such as allowing hunters to wear bright pink rather than the traditional fluorescent orange while tracking game …

The story by Charles Ashby also includes bills dealing with more weighty issues, such as physician-assisted suicide, and that had reader Anne Landman in a tizzy, who added her two cents in the comments section online:

Death with dignity, equal pay for women…these are weighty, important bill, and Our representative, Yeulen Willett (R-Grand Junction) came up with the “Let Ladies Wear Pink Act.” People in western Colorado work for minimal and substandard wages, can barely pay rent. Many are going homeless and hungry. Substance abuse is on the rise and we have among the highest sucide rates in the country, and our House Rep. Willett comes up with this Let The Ladies Wear Pink bill? It’s so embarrassing, useless and ridiculous, not to mention unhelpful.

What’s unhelpful is that the legislature has to give us permission as to which bright vibrant color we can wear while hunting.

That he chose the same color that has come to represent breast cancer awareness is not exactly an insult to our delicate nature.

But what has us banging our heads on the computer keyboard, is that the reader prized “death with dignity” as her first priority, while bemoaning that people are committing suicide because they don’t make enough money.

That’s a terrible conundrum for lawmakers this session – will they be responsible for killing poor people, or not allowing the death of sick people?

Someone get Dick Lamm on the phone.