democratIt’s no secret that Democrats chose a time to air the Party’s debate when nobody would tune in, and here’s why – the Democrats’ dirty little secret is that the Party’s base pulls its candidates so far left that the average American can no longer identify with the Democratic Party. Throughout last night’s debate, Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley one-upped each other to see who could be the most liberal on issues that Coloradans care about like gun control and Obamacare. Here are just two examples.

Gun Control

While Clinton continues to align Sanders with the so-called gun lobby, Sanders pushed back saying he definitely wants gun control. And, what is Clinton’s big beef? She wants gun manufacturers and sellers to be held liable if someone commits an act of violence with a gun or gun paraphernalia that he or she sold. And, here is Sanders’ weak, weak response:

“…what we also said, ‘is a small mom and pop gun shop who sells a gun legally to somebody should not be held liable if somebody does something terrible with that gun.’

So what I said is, ‘I would re-look at it.’ We are going to re- look at it and I will support stronger provisions.”

Oh, wait, so Sanders is in favor of holding anyone who has ever touched a piece of that gun liable for the personal actions of its new owner. Good to know. But, perhaps O’Malley’s answer was the worst because it shows he fundamentally doesn’t understand the Second Amendment. This is O’Malley’s response after listing all the gun control measures he enacted as Governor:

“I’ve never met a self respecting deer hunter that needed an AR-15 to down a deer. And, so… … we’re able to actually do these things.”

That’s funny, but he misses the point. The Second Amendment doesn’t come with a clause that Americans can buy the gun that they “need”. It’s about allowing Americans to arm themselves against tyranny and crime in the manner they see fit. So, no hunter probably needs an AR-15 to down a deer, but that’s none of O’Malley’s business.

Of course, neither one of them even considered what the people they would represent would want. Colorado citizens are still smarting after the 2013 gun grab and the way it vilifies law-abiding citizens and shifts more control to criminals.


Perhaps the worst offender when talking about Obamacare last night was Clinton who said the following:

“I am absolutely committed to universal health care…. We finally have a path to universal health care. We have accomplished so much already.”

The three stooges up on that stage last night have clearly never talked to someone from Colorado. If by accomplished, Clinton means “have canceled thousands of plans, caused premiums to skyrocket, and hurt small businesses and families”, then mission accomplished indeed.

These are not the only offensive and out of touch statements from the three Democratic presidential candidates at the adults’ table. The entire debate transcript can be found here. Find another ridiculous and out of touch statement for yourself. We’d dare you, but it’s like shooting fish in a barrel