Colorado environmentalists have found a new fundraising opportunity target for their activism – stopping road construction.

It turns out that roads carry vehicles that mostly burn fossil fuels, make noise, run over helpless animals, and destroy the planet.

However, the Colorado offshoot of the Public Interest Research Group (CoPRIG) would have us believe that the reason they oppose the widening of Interstate 70 is because it costs money.

That’s funding that could go toward investing in other forms of transportation, like a commuter bus service, or in programs to discourage driving, said Danny Katz, director of the CoPIRG Foundation.

That’s right, taxpayers. Instead of using your hard-earned cash to get you to work everyday, on time, in less traffic, environmentalists want the money to be used to discourage you from driving.

According to the national report issued by the mothership, PIRG, we don’t need as many roads because we don’t drive as much because according to page 12, we don’t have jobs.



They also argue that Americans are walking and biking more, although presumably not to jobs, so we don’t need more roads.



They argued against themselves further by pointing out that if we build more roads we don’t need because we don’t use, it will only encourage us to use roads.

(Katz) said research shows that adding more lanes on highways, does not solve congestion, but rather creates more traffic, in which more drivers spend more time behind the wheel.

He’s got a point there, cause if we didn’t have roads, no one would drive on them.