Blaha and LittletonOver the past few days, several Colorado Springs residents have announced a U.S. Senate run against Senator Michael Bennet. El Paso County Commissioner Peggy Littleton announced this morning, and Robert Blaha announced at the end of last week.

Peggy or Peg Littleton is relying on her experience serving Coloradans in announcing her bid. Littleton has served on the El Paso County Commissioners since 2010 and was elected by wide margins. She also sat on the State Board of Education for seven years prior.

Robert Blaha is a Colorado Springs businessman who is taking the unique approach of guaranteeing his performance. Here’s what he pledged when he jumped in the race:

“If I am not able to reduce illegal immigration by 50 percent, drastically cut the deficit, and help fix this horrific tax system, I’ll voluntarily leave after one term.”

Blaha also made a splash with his entrance into the race by buying tens of thousands of dollars in TV ad space throughout the state, and is the first candidate to buy TV ads. Whereas Littleton is relying on her experience as a representative, Blaha is calling himself a change agent as he is an organizational consultant.

These two join many other candidates in the race – El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn, state Sen. Tim Neville, former Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier, Jefferson County Commissioner Don Rosier, former SBA executive Greg Lopez, and state Rep. Jon Keyser. Jefferson County businessman Jerry Natividad also is expected to jump into the race.