MorganCarroll smallThe Denver Post confirmed that State Senator Morgan Carroll is still committed to serving out her term in the State Senate. This is great news. Campaigning for U.S. House of Representatives is tough in the easiest of races, but campaigning against Rep. Mike Coffman will keep her busy. But, so will the State Senate.

Uh oh. Which will she pick?

Her gig in the State Senate will likely distract her from the campaigning necessary to unseat Coffman (which is a lot).  Her refusal to step down from her position also signals that she does not have much confidence in her ability to beat Coffman. If she did, she would prioritize her time to spend with her next campaign.

Carroll’s lack of commitment to her own U.S. House of Representatives race must come as a disappointment to Jeff Bridges, the well-heeled son of Democrat Rutt Bridges. Last fall, he moved back to Colorado to specifically run for something, anything. Rumor has it, he initially was considering Coffman’s seat before he settled on House District 3.

Now, Carroll’s campaign is floundering and Bridges, who will likely buy his campaign, is forced to run against Meg Froelich who dubs herself on Twitter “The Uteratti”. That worked so well for former Sen. Udall. We bet Bridges would like to get in a time machine and have a do-over at that moment when he said he’d stand down in favor of Carroll.

But, if Democrats were so unwise to choose someone as distracted, divisive, and out-of-touch with everyday people as Morgan Carroll over Bridges who can self-fund, who are we to argue?