Traffic jam.

Traffic jam.

Sen. Mike Merrifield wants to legislate common sense and manners, because those traits don’t come naturally to Democrats, by passing a law requiring drivers to pull over on mountain passes if they are causing massive traffic back-ups.

And by massive, we’re talking about five cars.

“So many times I found myself getting into the mountain passes and getting stuck behind a slow-moving truck, or even worse, an RV, and the driver just goes blindly along, either not caring, or not noticing that they backed up a huge amount of cars behind him,” Merrifield said.

It frustrates us as well, so we usually pass those vehicles when it is safe to do so, because we have common sense.

Individuals don’t own the roads, although we know a few civil engineers who claim that because they built it, they own it.

And, we’ve always suspected that drivers who don’t have the common courtesy to pull over and let us pass are Democrats who think it’s their mission to keep us from driving the speed limit in a misguided attempt to save Mother Earth.

But passing an obscure law defining traffic jams by five cars and mandating that cops pull over slow-pokes to give them ticket only causes severe traffic congestion from rubber-necking, and creates safety issues for the officer and other drivers.

Common sense shouldn’t be legislated. Merrifield needs to pull this bill off the road.