MorganCarroll smallToday, John Kerry admitted that the sanctions relief included in the Iran Deal will fund terrorists. We know where Sen. Bennet stands on the Iran Deal because he voted for it. But, what about state Senator Morgan Carroll? If she is successful in her bid to unseat U.S. Rep Mike Coffman, she will likely have to deal with this issue.

Colorado needs to know where she stands. Remember, Carroll pushed to soften language condemning Iran’s role in sponsoring terrorism in a state Senate resolution last year.

Kerry also admitted today that there is “little the United States or others could do” to prevent assets from filtering to known terrorist groups. Because of Carroll’s shadiness on the Iran Deal and her willingness to bring Gitmo prisoners to Colorado, she needs to clarify for Colorado where she stands on the Iran Deal.

Colorado families deserve to know whether she would vote to bolster national security – or undermine it with unwise deals.

So, Sen. Carroll, what say you? Would it be yea or nay for the Iran Deal?