Ken BuckIn the home stretch heading into the early primary contests of Iowa and New Hampshire, Senator Ted Cruz picked up an important Colorado supporter:  Rep. Ken Buck.  This is a big endorsement for Cruz, not just in Colorado, but nationally.  Buck, in just his first term, has already made a name for himself outside of the state, as he was named GOP freshman class president, just was recognized by Heritage Action with a 100% rating, and is considered as the most conservative member of the House of Representatives.

While polling has been light in Colorado, given the state’s minimal influence in the presidential nominating contest, Cruz has performed respectably in a November Quinnipiac poll, and he won a December straw poll at a well-attended debate watch party hosted by the El Paso County Republican Party.

While Cruz and Buck are both Princeton alumni, it is much more likely that the two politicians’ philosophical alignment was the driving force behind the endorsement.  With Senator Marco Rubio picking off high profile endorsements from Cory Gardner and Mike Coffman and this support gives Cruz a good foothold in the state.