Hick Longmont Fracking ProtestRepublican Sen. Cory Gardner is right in line with Colorado values on energy. He values the contributions that oil and natural gas make and is keeping an open mind on renewables. That’s why it’s so funny that science denier Allen Best is urging Gardner to turn his back on an industry that has provided Colorado with many benefits…because Best said so.

“Gardner needs to start defining himself as a sensible Republican. He can do that by leading the Republican Party out of its knuckle-dragging era about the reality of climate change by delivering a market-based solution to more aggressively reduce carbon emissions.”

Translation: We desperately need a Republican to join our cause of crony capitalism to benefit Democratic donors that invest in green enterprises and carbon tax dependent systems.

Best tried to argue that it would help Gardner seem more moderate if Gardner did what Best suggested. It was really in Gardner’s best interest, you know. But, a carbon tax is far from within the best interests of Colorado.

But, then, it was even funnier when two “activists” come out of the woodwork to cheer on Best as he begged Gardner to commit economic suicide on behalf of Colorado. Like this from Judy Danielson, an environmental activist since 1972 who has been active in the Occupy Wall Street movement:

“Thanks to Allen Best for his encouragement of Sen. Cory Gardner to get behind a carbon tax. Gardner would do well to support a carbon fee on fossil fuels at extraction, with the revenue returned to American households to offset any price rises and create jobs.”

If the greenies want to align with Occupy Wall Street to push a damaging carbon tax on America and Coloradans, who are we to stand in the way of their astroturfing?