Bennet Aspen ChallengeU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet voted against tougher screening measures for Syrian and Iraqi refugees last week siding with Gov. Hickenlooper who is one of the few governors in the country who wants the refuges in their states.

Bennet’s vote also saves President Obama from having to veto a bill spurred by the Paris terrorist attacks and popular with most Americans.

Democrats including Bennet don’t think the federal government should take extra steps to screen refugees flowing from countries that are seething with terrorist activities.

Some of us don’t put a lot of faith in the federal government’s ability to read the minds of ISIS members, and think extra screening measures would do more good than harm.

Once again, Bennet has sided against what’s best for Colorado in a desperate attempt to shore up his Democratic base for his reelection campaign. But considering his votes that would bring Gitmo detainees and Syrian refugees into Colorado, we expect his poll numbers to dwindle even further.