I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

I hate you, Colorado Peak Politics

Two separate organizations today dinged Governor Hickenlooper over attempts to obscure the truth or withhold documents.

Todd Shepherd at Complete Colorado gave us a sneak peek into what happened at a Colorado Forum meeting at which Hick spoke earlier this month. Colorado Forum is a left-leaning group of business executives who suggest asinine liberal policies that would harm the state’s economy. A prime example is Amendment 66, which found support from this group.  When Hick spoke to the group earlier this month, reporters were barred despite a public announcement of the speaking engagement.

There was a reason that Hick and staff kicked reporters out – he was delivering devastating news about his scheme to undermine TABOR to pay for his pet projects. In short, voters hated it. Here’s what the audio that Complete Colorado uncovered said:

“We know from our polling and I know that you guys have done a bunch of polling as well, if we put [taking the hospital provider fee out from under TABOR] on the ballot it would be a tough thing to pass right now. I mean…that’s, just, how negative the world is…”

Hick knew he couldn’t sneak this TABOR infringement around voters, and it sounds like he was trying to shove it through the legislature. Sneaky.

Then, there’s Hick’s refusal to turn over the wage and gender of each employee in his office.

Compass Colorado submitted this request after liberal Speaker Dickie Lee Hullinghorst’s impassioned speech about pay equality for women in Colorado. Today, Compass Colorado announced that the request will not be fulfilled until February 1, if the request is fulfilled at all. As Compass Colorado noted, if the Governor is in the position to sign or veto any kind of employer mandate on equal pay, he had better be walking the walk on the issue.

If Hick’s gender pay equality news is as bad as the news in his speech to Colorado Forum, we can hardly blame him for trying to block access to the information. We should expect nothing less of a Governor who embraced back room deals.