Are Democrats afraid of Sanders appeal in the state?

Are Democrats afraid of Sanders appeal in the state?

The lame stream media usually highlights the schisms within the Republican Party during primary season and ignores any divides in the Democratic Party. On Saturday, the media met a 1,000 person march in support of grassroots presidential candidate (and self-described socialist) Bernie Sanders that it could not ignore. The group marched from Cheesman Park to the state Capitol building. Supporters claim that the event was organized entirely through social media channels. A participant breathlessly told the Denver Post her hopes and dreams for Sanders:

“I believe this man will change things in office. I’m here supporting today for the future of everyone’s children, including Trump supporters.”

Sanders will change things in office, alright. He’s a self-described socialist. Hang on to your pocketbooks!  Especially, you, “horrible” Trump supporters.

While there are many former Democratic officials and activists in Colorado who support former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her supporters will not likely forget that Colorado was the place that she lost her footing in 2008.

That Bernie Sanders seems to be stealing Clinton’s thunder again, especially here in Colorado must irk the Clinton campaign tremendously. Perhaps Democrats are waking up and refusing to swallow the flawed candidates that the Democratic Party shoves down their throats. Regardless, it’s nice to see Democrats struggling to unite their party for a change.