bleedingheart2That Boulder bastion of bleeding liberal hearts that embraces all things diverse, downtrodden or disadvantaged, hates homeless teens.

The Daily Camera reports that locals are opposing the construction of a home for homeless youth that “offers community and supportive services” because the proposed building that would replace a parking lot on Pine Street is ugly.

They also complain that the homeless kids ages 18 through 24 have emotional or drug problems and have no business being located near a school.

Danieille Dougherty, a licensed clinical social worker who spent years working with at-risk youth, said she’s concerned about whether the housing would “bring good things to our community.”

“I am all about having all levels of income in Boulder and really making it affordable for all kinds of people. I just don’t think that many kids together with those kinds of problems will bring good things to our communities.”

Dougherty said she worries about other illegal behavior that stem from drug use and the presence of so many young adults with challenges in close proximity to four schools, Whitter, Casey Middle School, Sacred Heart of Jesus and Boulder Day Nursery.

Opponents don’t want the homeless kids to have a community, they want them dispersed in smaller numbers to neighborhoods other than their own, and commute somewhere to get the services they need.

Which makes perfect sense to folks who live in homes and have cars to get where they need to go, but it doesn’t sound practical in this case.

Sounds like Boulder’s bleeding hearts have run out of empathy or caring.