Wisdom_Homer_eRep. Steve Lebsock of Thornton took absolutely no risk to his career as a lawmaker and pleased the Gods of political correctness by sponsoring a bill to update Colorardo’s home-brewed beer law.

It’s one of those laws that no one with any sense pays attention to, and it gets the Democrat’s name in the Denver Post for being cool.

The measure passed committee and is headed to the House floor for a vote Monday.

The measure would replace “head of family” with “adult” and rewrite “family use” as “personal use.” Under the law, “adult” would mean anyone 21 years or older.

There are a lot of dumb laws across Colorado that we would like to see rewritten locally and enforced on the state level, especially Aspen’s ban against throwing snowballs, which in our book is just plain unAmerican.

In Boulder, it is unlawful to roll a boulder onto city property and we think that discriminates against collegiate practical jokers and probably violates their safe space rules against endangered rocks.

And horror of horrors, it is permissible to rip tags off of mattresses in Colorado.

Correcting dumb laws should be a full time job for Democrats in charge at the state House. It would keep them too busy to tangle with new legislation, which could cause real harm to Coloradans.