Sen. Ray Scott

Sen. Ray Scott

After deliberation, Republican State Senator Ray Scott will not run for U.S. Senate, along with every other Republican in Colorado. Here is what Scott told the Grand Junction Sentinel about his decision:

“It seems like everyone in the Senate, all 18 (Republicans) will be in it. I’m flattered that some people wanted me to take a look at it, I thought I’d sit back to see who was getting in. Now we have this crowded field that looks somewhat like the presidential race.”

Scott is not exaggerating. The Republican field for the U.S. Senate seat is crowded. Republicans currently in the race include: Colorado Spring businessman Robert Blaha, Colorado Springs resident Charlie Ehler, former Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier, El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn, former State Rep. Jon Keyser, El Paso County Commissioner Peggy Littleton, former SBA director Greg Lopez, State Sen. Tim Neville, former CSU athletic director Jack Graham, and Jeffco County Commissioner Don Rosier.

That there are so many willing to jump into the race speaks to the vulnerability of Sen. Micheal Bennet, which is shown through polling.

While Scott is saying no to a U.S. Senate run, he continues to eye the 2018 Governor’s race, which also may be a crowded field. Nonetheless, Scott believes he can make more of a difference here in Colorado.

“Maybe it’s time for somebody who’s used to having been in a different position than a Front Ranger. I’m thinking where I can have the most impact potentially. I’ve learned over my few years here that you can have much more impact in Denver. A governor can make a tremendous impact in how a state goes forward, goes backwards or doesn’t go anywhere.”

We can respect Scott’s decision, but have to admit we were hoping for some of his humor on the campaign trail.