colorado-state-capitolToday, the left showed how idiotic it truly is by pushing a bill that would force restaurants to hang a sign in their windows if they do not give employees five paid sick days per year. Some are calling this bill, appropriately, the Scarlet Letter Bill. Thankfully, the bill died in committee; however, that didn’t stop loony lefties on social media from trying to capitalize on a crisis.

That’s an interesting sentiment, and completely false. The truth is that nobody knows what caused the norovirus outbreak or the e. coli outbreak. Here is Chipotle’s statement on the Centers for Disease Control’s findings from a Q&A on its website:

“Q: What about the Norovirus incident in Boston? Is that related to the e. coli incident?

A: These incidents are entirely unrelated. The CDC reports that there are more than 250,000 cases of E. coli annually, more than 20 million cases of norovirus annually, and approximately 48 million incidents of foodborne illness every year. While no one can ever eliminate all of the risk associated with food, since this incident began, we have begun implementing an enhanced food safety plan that will eliminate or mitigate risk to a level near zero.”

The norovirus has nothing to do with employee sick days, but thanks for manufacturing a crisis, Democrats. Following this bill’s timely death, Compass Colorado’s Kelly Maher noted:

“Restaurant owners across the state can focus on serving great food, growing their businesses and taking care of their employees.”