Media bias comes in many forms. Often times it is overt and journalists don’t bother to hide their preferences. Other times its subtle, like a headline or a tweet. The latter was the case today as the capitol press corps covered a GOP proposal to direct $15 million toward the state’s ailing roads and bridges.

Senate Republicans are pushing for revenues from the vehicle registration tax increase to actually go towards roads and bridges as was promised when it was passed. Democrats, meanwhile, have been siphoning some of those funds to subsidize mass transit.

Ironically enough, investing in our state’s transportation infrastructure is one area where Republicans and Democrats both agree that more needs to be done. The difference is that Republicans want to actually invest in the roads and bridges that everyone – including mass transit vehicles – depends on.

But what The Denver Post decided to focus its headline on was how the GOP plan “threatens the Bustang,” the state-owned and operated bus system. And an AP reporter tweeted that while not everyone owns a car, “every single republican probably does.” We get that she was most likely trying to crack a joke, but the larger point stands. The bias is subtle enough to go unnoticed while still framing the issue for the audience in a negative or flippant light. Well done, mainstream media.