The wimpiest bet so far among members of Congress standing up for their home teams for the big game on Sunday has to be the one made by U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette.

We can’t tell whether she’s terrified or mystified.

It’s not that complicated. It’s a coin toss, not a starting gun.

And the event upon which you are wagering is a football game. It’s not like anyone is going to ask you the difference between a gun magazine or a clip.

But what’s grating on our nerves is DeGette’s chosen wardrobe for the coin toss, a videotaped event that staffers obviously went to a lot of trouble to shoot.

A black suit with a pink blouse shows no team spirit whatsoever, and the orange scarf was obviously tossed around her neck at the last minute by a horrified staffer after seeing the team spirit displayed by U.S. Rep. Alma Adams of North Carolina.

DeGette’s bet didn’t put a whole lot on the line or show a lot of faith in the Broncos. While Adams bet a hat, chicken, biscuits, cookies, and Cheerwine, DeGette countered with a bison burger and a beer.

Memo to DeGette: Cheerwine is actually a soft drink and does not contain alcohol.