Ever since the day the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights passed, Democrats have been working to dismantle it. But of all their dirty tricks to bypass the Colorado constitution and get more of your money, the 2007 mill levy freeze takes the cake.

By freezing the mill levy, Democrats guaranteed that every time the value of your home increased, so did your property tax bill. Whereas before the freeze, the mill levy would be adjusted to ensure that property taxes remained constant and therefore complied with TABOR.

Pretty much sums up how voters feel when Democrats say they want to help and then raise their taxes.

Now, with home values in the metro area and across the state skyrocketing, homeowners have experienced a steady creep in their property tax bills. According to a recent story in The Denver Post, Denver County, for example, reported a 29.6 percent jump in median value. In Arapahoe County, residential property values rose 22 percent, while in Adams County residential values were up 19.8 percent. That means higher property taxes (once again) after the next assessment!

This could turn very problematic for Democrats that voted for the mill levy freeze in 2007 and are now trying to run for office. People like Morgan Carroll, who is challenging Congressman Mike Coffman. Or Mary Hodge, who is running for Adams County Commissioner.

So when they are going door to door this summer, Carroll and Hodge shouldn’t be surprised to get questions about why they supported the mill levy freeze that is now causing voters’ property taxes to go through the roof.