SB50Earlier this week, we reported that Rep. Ken Buck bet a CD-4 cow that the Broncos would win and his North Carolina counterpart bet Carolina BBQ. Now, Colorado U.S. Senators Gardner and Bennet are betting personal pride that Denver’s beloved Broncos will eke it out on Sunday.  According to a press release, the wager entails the more junior Senator from the losing team’s state to deliver a speech on the Senate floor congratulating the winner. The following conditions must be met according to the press release:

  • The losing freshman Senator must give specific shout outs to the Super Bowl champion’s head coach, quarterback, fan base, and detail the greatness of the Super Bowl champion’s home state.
  • The losing Senators must wear a tie of the team color of the Super Bowl champion during the speech.
  • The winning freshman Senator must be presiding over the Senate as the losing freshman Senator delivers his speech.
  • For an added dose of humility, the written remarks must be reviewed and approved in advance by the winning Senators.


Of course, we would like to point out that no matter what, this puts a Republican junior Senator on the record as supporting the opposing team; however, we would like to think that the spirit of fun will outweigh the temptation to play politics with a Republican in a swing state like Colorado or North Carolina. Right?