Paging Dr. Reaper.

The assisted suicide bill was Dead on Arrival at the state Senate this week where Republicans then buried the measure on a party-line vote.

But like a bad B-Movie about zombies or vampires, the thing just won’t stay dead.

House Democrats are trying to resurrect the bill in all its mutant glory, despite its having no chance of survival in the upper chamber.

Carrie Ann Lucas, director of Disabled Parents Rights, succinctly explained why so many people have a problem with the legislation. Chief among the concerns, there are no safeguards for patients to ensure that prescription by death won’t be abused.

“We’re weary about public policy where they say some people’s lives are worth living and some aren’t,” Lucas said. “In Oregon, people are getting denied medications to treat cancer but are being told they can have assisted suicide as a treatment.”

If we were sick and at death’s door, we would certainly choose a cure over a visit by Dr. Grim Reaper.

Supporters assured lawmakers that there have been no reports of assisted suicide being abused in Oregon or California since those states passed their right-to-die laws.

We totally believe that, as it’s sorta hard for dead people to complain.

This issue is too grave to rush through the legislature just because all of the hip kids in California and Oregon are doing it.

We won’t mourn its demise in the House, where the bill is sure to expire once again.