Senator_Thom_Tillis_Official_PortraitThe Denver Broncos’ big Super Bowl 50 win yesterday will pay off for Colorado’s federal politicians who bet their North Carolina counterparts that the Broncos would bring home the Lombardi trophy. In the Fourth Congressional District, Ken Buck will enjoy some tasty North Carolina BBQ and will keep the cow that he bet North Carolina’s Rep. Mark Meadows.

The most interesting bet; however, was between Colorado’s Sens. Gardner and Bennet and North Carolina’s Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, which requires the junior Senator from the losing team (see: North Carolina) to deliver a resounding speech that includes the following:

  • The losing freshman Senator must give specific shout outs to the Super Bowl champion’s head coach, quarterback, fan base, and detail the greatness of the Super Bowl champion’s home state.
  • The losing Senators must wear a tie of the team color of the Super Bowl champion during the speech.
  • The winning freshman Senator must be presiding over the Senate as the losing freshman Senator delivers his speech.
  • For an added dose of humility, the written remarks must be reviewed and approved in advance by the winning Senators.

The junior Senator from North Carolina is Sen. Tillis.  We cannot wait to showcase what is sure to be a memorable speech from Tillis. We’ve reached out for a proposed date for this speech and will update you, PeakNation™, when we hear back.

Sen. Tillis, we’ve been known for a witticism or two, so if you need help crafting your speech, just shoot us an email.