Once again, Jefferson County is the scene for controversy as two environmental groups, the Center for Biological Diversity and the Rainforest Action Network (clearly this group was lost), asked the Bureau of Land Management to investigate an “accident” involving one of the agency’s contractors.

According to the enviros, one of the BLM’s auctioneers hit with his car an environmental protester outside of a complete oil and gas lease auction.

But, slam on those brakes, greenies. Not so fast.

The Lakewood Police Department investigated the incident and, according to police department statements in Energy and Environment News, the event was staged. Luckily, we don’t have to disprove accusations of police brutality because the episode was videotaped. Watch below.

This is like in a basketball game when someone charges an opponent and tries to draw a foul.

The best part of this entire exchange is after the greenie pretends to be hit by the enormous Cadillac Escalade (foreshadowing for 2016 ballot initiatives?). You can hear someone in the background telling the faker: “Don’t get up, you’ve been hurt.”

Apparently, the protester needed a reminder…because he was so very badly injured…or something.

Environmentalists are no longer allowed to hurl the phrase astroturf at anyone because this entire thing was so over the top. Thanks for the laughs, greenies. As always, your crazy makes our job so enjoyable.