Hickenlooper TeethThe U.S. Supreme Court has sided with states including Colorado and blocked the EPA from implementing the so-called Clean Power Plan until a federal court can determine whether the regulation is actually legal.

We maintain that it is not, and applaud the court’s foresight in shutting down the contentious rule because in all likelihood, the federal court will agree.

However, Gov. Hickenlooper does not, and is stubbornly forcing Coloradans to go along with the farce because he wants to shut down coal mines and increase the cost of electricity in exchange for negligible results.

… The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says it will keep coordinating to follow the plan’s rules.

“It is prudent for Colorado to move forward during the litigation to ensure that the state is not left at a disadvantage if the courts uphold all or part of the Clean Power Plan,” the department said.

Compliance isn’t required until 2022 and the court is expected to hear arguments in four months. Hick’s insistence in moving forward has nothing to do with losing time.

We suspect that when the courts strike down the rule that tramples all over state’s rights, Hick will insist on sticking to the egregious regulations anyway to eliminate affordable electricity and shut down Colorado’s coal industry.

Afterall, it’s what this plan was originally designed to accomplish.