It’s a badly-kept secret that Sen. Michael Bennet’s brother, James, is the president and editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, the left-wing publication that pretends to be a serious work of journalism. The Atlantic also has been a great mouthpiece for Hillary Clinton, painting a rosy picture of her dangerous reign as the Secretary of State. New documents published by Gawker show that The Atlantic has been carrying her water for years.

The emails in the Gawker article show a transaction between Clinton press guru, Philippe Reines, and The Atlantic contributing editor, Marc Armbinder. Armbinder contacted Reines to get an advanced copy of Clinton’s first speech as Secretary of State. In exchange for a copy of the speech, Armbinder agreed to the following: 1) describe the speech as “muscular” 2) note the seating arrangement of the representatives from Council on Foreign Relations, a powerful think tank on…foreign relations and 3) avoid mentioning this transaction blackmail. See the exchange below.


Now, one might say that James Bennet did not write this,  and that it was not his “transaction”. That is true, but he is the boss at The Atlantic and he has been since 2006, far before this email exchange occurred. Plus, Clinton’s biggest foe is herself – people, frankly, do not find her trustworthy, and if the Bennet family is complicit in allowing Clinton to lie to the public, Colorado should know. Further, if James Bennet is willing to look the other way while his staff smooths the bumpy road for Clinton, how far will he go for his own brother, Michael, in the tough Colorado Senate race that he’s facing?